Desmond Insurance Brokers
was formed in 1974 and has developed a reputation for personalised and
professional service.

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Desmond Insurance Brokers is well versed in assisting clients with their general insurance requirements.

Desmond Insurance Brokers have a strict privacy policy in accordance with the National Privacy Principals and we are registered as a general insurance broker with the Australian Securities and Investment Commission.

Desmond Insurance Brokers can arrange insurance cover with leading commercial insurance companies in Australia who pride themselves on the same high standards of service.


Managing Director Mark Gresham has over 40 years insurance experience and is a Fellow of the Australian and New Zealand Insurance Institute. Mark is also a Certified Insurance Professional, a Qualified Practicing Insurance Broker, a Justice of the Peace and holds a degree in insurance from Deakin University Melbourne.

It is important to Desmonds that they develop a relationship with their clients and their insurers. This three way relationship assists in understanding the needs and requirements of the parties involved and how they can provide, improve and maintain the professional service to their clients.

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